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Through out history and into eternity, God has extended His invitation to “COME AND SEE” His wonders and experience Him.

As we celebrate this Christmas, Jesus’ coming into this world, God literally breaking into human history that we might come and see Him, let’s be reminded that God is inviting each one of us to know Him and experience Him and His love, a love that began to unfold in a very unexpected way many years ago in a small town in Israel called Bethlehem—a place that seems pretty far away geographically. some of us wonder if at times God Himself seems distant.

At this time of year, we are often reminded that Jesus is also called Emmanuel, God with us. But sometimes, when we see what is happening in our world and in our own personal situations and crises, we may be tempted to say, “Where is Emmanuel? Is God still with us?”

The truth is, as the Apostle Paul stated: “He is not far from any one of us” (Acts 17:27b).

How far away is Jesus, the answer to all your needs today? He’s not very far away at all!